Execution Machine (EXM) is a developer platform that powers the creation and usage of highly available and highly performant applications within a decentralized environment. Currently, EXM is the only technology that powers blockchain-based serverless functions.
By using EXM, teams can create myriad trustless applications that do not require usage of wallets or tokens to run such apps. Furthermore, EXM significantly reduces latency & maintenance costs normally associated with dApp usage, notably improving the user experience and drastically reducing the cost of running dApps.
Our mission is to enable individuals to innovate on web3 technologies without friction lines, thus impulsing the current state of the industry and our underlying infrastructure, Arweave.

With EXM you can:

Ship in seconds thanks to our developer-focused experience. In favor of a native web2 experience, there's never a concern about tokens, wallets, blocks or transactions.
Develop without distractions as we understand technology should accelerate your goals, not slow them down.
Available on the edge: providing you the latest state of your application with the lowest latency possible, in any part of the world.

The best way to discover EXM is to try it

In the following sections, you'll be learning about the behavior of our APIs, SDKs, CLI and full examples that will get you up to speed with frictionless web3 development.